Triceps Workout Anyone ?

Many people think that in order to build huge arms, you must focus exclusively on biceps… how wrong they are. Did you know that your triceps make up roughly 66% of your arms?

Like all muscles on the back of the body, triceps are often just an afterthought. This is a massive problem for lifters who almost all wish to build massive guns whether it is for competitive bodybuilding or simply to impress members of the opposite sex. You see the very names biceps and triceps tell you everything you need to know about arm training.

What is the most effective mass building triceps workout? 



Tricep Pushdowns is a good exercise to end your training for today, as it involves the lateral head of the triceps as well as its long head. It highlights the side of the triceps and improves general stretching of arms. Pushdown accentuates the load on the lateral head of the triceps, giving the whole muscle a distinct shape that can be advantageously seen from the side arm. The more developed lateral head of triceps is, the wider the upper hand looks when you look at it. This exercise also cuts the dividing line between the triceps and biceps effectively.

Tricep Pushdowns Performing

To start hook a small bar to the pulley and grip it with an overhand grip (palms look at each other). Put your feet parallel or make a small step to feel stable. Then slightly tilt the torso to the trainer and pull your elbows slightly forward. Initially, the cord is pulled and the bar are located approximately at shoulder level.




Attach a small bar to the top of the pulley machine, grasping the bar with both the hands, extend your arms with your hands directly above your head using a neutral grip. Your elbows should be close to your head and your arms should be perpendicular to the floor with the knuckles aimed at the ceiling. slowly lower the bar behind your head as you hold the upper arms stationary. Inhale as you perform and pause when your triceps are fully stretched. Return to the starting position by flexing your triceps as you breath out.





Stand with knees bent, one foot in the front of the other (if you perform with left arm then put the right foot forward) and one hand on the bench for balance. Take a dumbbell in another arm and bend it to raise your elbow back. Raise your elbow to about your shoulder’s height and press the weight back until your forearm is almost parallel to the ground. Let the dumbbell hang for a while and return to the stationary position.

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