This Is Insane 4K Waterside “MUST WATCH”

This Is Insane 4K Waterside “MUST WATCH”

More than 18,000,000 people have rushed to watch the latest promotional video by BSR Cable Park 4K Waterside This Is Awesome!!

The three-minute video shows blasting down three parallel water slides, build on the side of a hill.

Each slide ends in a hair-raising ramp – which propels the thrill-seeker into the air and into the stunning turquoise water below.

BSR Cable Park, in Waco, Texas, is an adventure getaway which offers wakeboard lessons, volleyball matches, a lazy river and – of course – the terrifying Royal Flush super slide.



The video appears to have struck a chord with YouTube viewers, who rushed to watch and comment on the BSR Cable Park video.

Watch the full video below –