This Guy Is True Inspiration

A morbidly obese man who was forced to buy two aeroplane seats has ditched his 15,000 calorie a day diet to hit the gym – and now looks unrecognisable.

Ross Gardner, 39, from Florida, dropped from 392 lbs (28 stone) to just 2013 lbs (14 stone 7 lbs) after doctors warned he had just three years to live.

While he once consumed around 15,000 calories every day – six times the recommended daily amount for the average male – Ross struggled to squeeze into size XXXXL clothing.

“My belly button was down by my knees and I had to tuck my skin into my shorts to hide it,” Gardner Said. “It was humiliating.”

He didn’t need to have skin removed from his arms because of how big his muscles had become. Those are some serious gains.

According to his Instagram, most of his weight-loss journey took place in 2005. Gardner has maintained his physique and still looks awesome. Since then, he’s become a chiropractor and enjoys helping people and motivating others to make changes the way he did