Creatine Does More For Your Body

“Creatine Does More For Your Body” One Of The Important Thing For Budybuildings

Creatine doesn’t reliably increase cognition when supplemented by omnivores,

but it has been associated with improved reaction speed.

Sleep-deprived omnivores may also experience benefits to cognition after creatine supplementation.

What is creatine?

Creatine is a peptide molecule that the human body can use for energy.

Muscles need fuel to work. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the primary source of energy for cells. ATP comes from a variety of sources, including sugars like glucose.

Some activities, like lifting weights, quickly use up ATP. Exhausted ATP becomes adenosine diphosphate (ADP). Since creatine is stored in the body as creatine phosphate, it can provide a phosphate group for the ADP, which quickly regenerates the ADP into emergency ATP.

Where does creatine come from?

Meat has a high creatine content, particularly steak (5g of creatine per kg of uncooked beef), chicken (3.4g/kg), and rabbit (3.4g/kg). Eggs and fish are also good sources of creatine. Still, it’s very unlikely you’re eating enough meat to not want to supplement.

It’s very difficult for vegetarians to get enough creatine from diet alone. Cranberries are commonly cited as a good source of creatine, but that’s only relative to other plants. Five hundred pounds of cranberries is equivalent to the standard five grams of creatine.


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I am a champion

I am a champion – the greatest speech ever

I will gladly go out into the field of battle, and i will move, groove and do everything that I can do, and I will reach my field of battle by an means at my disposal. And when I get there, I will arrive violently. I will rip the heart from my enemy and leave it bleeding on the ground, because he cannot stop me.

defeat will not be in my creed. I will belive what others have doubted. I will always andevor the prestige honor, and respect of my team. I have trained my mind and my body will follow

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Be Phenomenal

Best Motivational – Be Phenomenal

I got a simple simple simple question for you..Here is the question – Do you believe that one day you are not going live in the world that was given to you that’s right but you are going to actually live in the world you dream of, You gotta make every single second count..

Think BIG, Dream BIG but start small..

That’s right START SMALL – remember what I told start where you are… with what you have, because what you have is plenty..

But the biggest enemy you have to deal with is yourself…There is an old African proverb that says: If there’s no enemy within.. the enemy outside can do us no harm…You don’t have to personally be perfect.

There are so many things you should’ve done.. You should’ve done.. But you didn’t do it because you are.. SCARED…

You are scared of failure, you are scared to make a mistake.. You are scared…. that you are not perfect…

And I’m telling you today you ain’t gotta be perfect… Do you hear.. what am I saying? You don’t have to be perfect to get what you want.. to do what you want, to have what you want, to be what you want… You don’t have to be perfect…. It’s a LIE

There will never be a point in your life… where’s the right time…to do a great thing…

If you are waiting for that perfect perfect moment… That perfect timing… is not going to happen..

You know what you have to do? You have to create the perfect time and the perfect opportunity..and the perfect situation.

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The Man Who Never Gave Up

The Man Who Never Gave Up (175 Pound Transformation)

I believe that if there’s something in this world that you find worth fighting for, in your heart and in your mind, you will find a way to make it a reality.

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Pain is Temporary

Bodybuilding Motivation – Pain is Temporary

It’s ain’t about how hard you hit! It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, How much you can pick and keep moving forward that’s how winning is done. Now if you know what’s your worth don’t worry and get your worth but you gotta be whiling to get the hit and not pointing fingers and say you ain’t what you want to be because him/her or anybody cowards do that and that ain’t you! You better than that…

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Frank Medrano

Frank Medrano – Superhuman Bodyweight Workout Domination

Never Too Late, Clear Your MIND Of Can’t!

“Too Late” is a mental block.It’s a mental block driven by the fear of change. We are surrounded so much by advertisements of artificial values that we lose sense of what is truly important. This blinds us from our own potential and makes us afraid to follow our own path. Following our own path and fulfilling our own potential entails change. We need to embrace change. So I challenge you, as I challenged myself, to change the question “Is it too late?” to  the statement “Better late than never.” I’ll share some of the lessons I learned from my own experience in breaking through my fear.

start where you are, not where everyone else is. If you’ve never worked out, your starting point will be different from someone with an athletic or fitness background. It doesn’t matter if your focus is developing your ability to do an assisted pull up or a controlled muscle up. Calisthenics is calisthenics. What matters is you are committing to your physical fitness. It’s up to you to adjust the program to fit you. Just remember, that in order to start, it all begins at 1. And it’s never too late to do that.

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Natural Bodybuilding Motivation

Natural Bodybuilding Motivation – Fitness Aesthetics

Do they inspire you? Do you want to become just like them?

Building an impress physique is not that easy as many often believe it to be. Only if that was the case, the world would have been full of 8-10 billion aesthetic beasts every where around.
Its not, and if there is one common attributes of the loosing mind is that we fail to set our goals and never imagine a true dream of ours. We have people seen people who have shocked the world with their true inspirational personalities, and they have proved that with consistency and positive thinking, we could achieve the peaks we never had even dreamt of.

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Bodybuilding Motivation – I AM THE BEAST

Every man has a wild beast within him and you gotta be a beast that’s the only way they will respect you.


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