How To Build Muscle Without Even Going Gym

Building muscles is often associated with gym.

But gym with all its dumbbells and weights are not necessary to build a good body.
You can build amazing body just by using your own body weight.
Bodyweight Exercises

Many old-school physical trainers believe that exercises that use the bodyweight rather than artificial weights are better equipped to increase muscle-mass gains. Exercises that can be used here for using the body as an active weight and increasing muscle gains include:


Perhaps the most effective exercise known to mankind of developing your pectorals or chest muscles is Push-Ups. This exercise also helps to increase muscles along the triceps and biceps, i.e. your arm muscles. Some people equate push-ups at par with using the bench press. The principle here is rather simple. The arms and your core muscles are required to lift you off the ground and bring you back to the starting position. This exercise uses the entire body as the weight. If you position the hands closer, i.e. the close-grip push-ups, the arm muscles, particularly the triceps are worked more. If you use a wider stance with your arms, the emphasis is shifted towards the chest.


This exercise doesn’t require any kind of equipment or the presence of a gym trainer. The only thing you need to ensure is doing it at least twice a week. Pull-ups are regarded as the most basic of training exercises that help to maximize your gains for the back, neck and arms. You can find a horizontal pole in or around your house. You can even install a small bar in your garage. This is a very affordable addition and will last for a long time. Just ensure that the bar is smooth and straight. This exercise should be done for the maximum amount of reps—you keep doing it until you reach the stage of muscle fatigue and cannot lift yourself, again.


Squatting is the unchallenged King of all exercises if you want to develop a proportional muscular body. You might be getting started at exercising or are on your way to winning the next Olympic gold medal, achieving real muscle gains without squats is impossible. This exercise targets your legs and your back. It also helps to work the core. You should start with free hand squats and then try the one-legged version. This is also a rep-heavy exercise where you need to complete the maximum number of sets until your body gives away. This exercise works wonderfully for sculpting your thighs. It ensures that your lower back gains strength.


We have seen everybody trying their hand at abdominal crunches but few have the patience and the stamina to stick to crunching. Among the many exercises that help you build muscular mass in and around the waist, crunches are deemed most effective. Yes, you need to combine some cardio like running to lose the flab but defining the abs or simply flattening the stomach is best achieved by crunching. This can be done on alternate days.

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