Get Your Priorities Straight!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a huge, barrel-like chest, massively peaked biceps, and flaring wide front deltoids?

Of course it would! What if in exchange for all that you are stuck with: you have a shallow back, flat triceps, nonexistent side and rear deltoids and stick legs. That doesn’t sound too appealing anymore does it?

On your quest to build a solid, proportioned physique, you must first build a foundation of balanced muscularity through your best efforts.

After some time of toiling away in the gym you will find some body parts do not respond as well as others; you may be lacking mass in certain areas that need some extra attention. Trust me you are not alone.
You May Be Lacking Mass In Certain
Areas That Need Extra Attention.

Bodybuilding is a tough, sometimes thankless effort that demands dedication, discipline, and consistency. Even some of the most dedicated, hardworking individuals will put in countless hours of blood sweat and tears and still walk away with very minuscule gains in muscle mass.

In order to avoid the abyss of becoming disproportionate you must utilize a simple but infrequently used method in the gym: Prioritizing. That is to focus on a weak point and put it at the top of your “to do” list.

How many trainees do you see enter a gym on a Monday and go straight for the flat bench press? These same individuals have weak upper chests, little shape in their pectorals and probably experience some pain in their shoulders.

These Individuals Probably Experience
Some Pain In Their Shoulders.

Additionally they do countless sets of bench, incline, and decline presses, flyes, dumbbell presses, and cable crossovers while reserving a day later in the week for a few pitiful sets of squats, leg extensions and leg curls – oh and a set or two for calves if they have time.

As mentioned earlier, some areas may not respond as quickly as others. You may have a well developed upper body while you struggle to gain an ounce of muscle in your legs or you may have a great chest with a weak back, or any other combination of deficiencies.

While not a huge believer in giving genetics as an excuse entirely I feel it does unfortunately play a role in the rate of development of a certain area.

Below Is Some Physique Training That Can Help You Reach Your Goals:




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