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Frank Medrano – Superhuman Bodyweight Workout Domination

Never Too Late, Clear Your MIND Of Can’t!

“Too Late” is a mental block.It’s a mental block driven by the fear of change. We are surrounded so much by advertisements of artificial values that we lose sense of what is truly important. This blinds us from our own potential and makes us afraid to follow our own path. Following our own path and fulfilling our own potential entails change. We need to embrace change. So I challenge you, as I challenged myself, to change the question “Is it too late?” to  the statement “Better late than never.” I’ll share some of the lessons I learned from my own experience in breaking through my fear.

start where you are, not where everyone else is. If you’ve never worked out, your starting point will be different from someone with an athletic or fitness background. It doesn’t matter if your focus is developing your ability to do an assisted pull up or a controlled muscle up. Calisthenics is calisthenics. What matters is you are committing to your physical fitness. It’s up to you to adjust the program to fit you. Just remember, that in order to start, it all begins at 1. And it’s never too late to do that.

Check The Video Below! Listen To Your Body Clear Your Mind Make A Change