Say goodbye to the muffin top and the beer belly this Fall!

This workout combines core work, cardio, and isolation abdominal exercises to really help you get great results. Building muscle, along with total body fat burning workouts, along with adding core exercises and of course a clean diet will equal tight and toned abdominal success. Developing your abdominal muscles with added weight will also boost your post metabolic burn so keep that in mind as well 😉

The first part of the workout involves a total body core workout and the second half we isolate the abdominals including the obliques and then finish with more challenging core!

In this workout we are doing mountain climbers off the wall, if this is too challenging for you just do it on the floor.


Warm up 10 minutes!!

Gymboss Timer set for 40 seconds work/10 seconds rest.
Repeat 1-3 times


1. Skip
2. Plank + Reverse Fly 2 times + opposite side knee to elbow 2 times
3. Skip
4. Alternate side burpees + 2 knees
5. Skip
6. Star pushup Burpees
7. DB crunches
8. Circle ab crunches left side only
9. Circle ab crunches Right side
10. DB crunches vertical
11. Side plank + 3 knee to elbow + elbow crunch 2 times
12. Side plank other side
13. Scissor kicks
14. Wall mountain climbers