Training with dumbbells provides a variety of advantages. Some of the advantages are practical and some are physiological, but without a doubt, dumbbells will be a good addition to your training program.

Let’s start by looking at the practical advantages. One significant benefit of training with dumbbells is their relative low cost and adaptability in comparison with other modes of training. Most exercise machines are expensive and typically can be used to perform only one exercise.

Dumbbells, on the other hand, provide a huge range of exercises. And nearly every barbell exercise you can think of can also be performed with dumbbells. But that is not the end of the list. Add all the exercise variations that are possible with dumbbells that are not possible with barbells (e.g., single-arm and alternating-arm exercises) and you quickly see that the number of potential dumbbell exercises is quite large.

So here is a list of benefits in using dumbbells for your workout routine:

#1) Osteoporosis

Working out with free weights falls into the body strengthening category, and with the increase in bone density as a result, this means that the chances of one getting osteoporosis is unlikely.

#2) Boosts Your Self-Esteem

While it is true that a mind-body connection exists, this is amply indicated when one uses dumbbells (and in fact, any type of exercise) to exercise. Since these free weights add resistance to your body, this soon leads to one’s body getting toned and fit instead of building bulk. Since “tightness” is what more people desire from their bodies, this soon becomes a reality, and this makes the person feel great, thus building confidence and having them feel at ease with their bodies.

#3) Stabilization And Activation

One study compared the EMG activity of the chest, triceps and biceps when performing a barbell bench press, smith machine bench press and a dumbbell bench press.  The dumbbell bench press and barbell bench press were similar in chest and triceps activity.  Biceps activity was significantly higher with the dumbbells. Why? Dumbbells require greater stabilization.  Ergo why it is very rare to see a world-class bench presser with spaghetti arms. Greater stabilization is a requirement with dumbbells, in turn, activating more muscle fibers.  Dumbbells are functional training without becoming a modern day rendition of the now illegal sideshow.

#4) Movement Freedoms

 When bench pressing with a barbell, your arms and shoulders are in a fixed position and move through a set range of motion. In contrast, dumbbell presses allow one to alter the movement pattern slightly and let the shoulders move freely. Barbellpressing has a set range of motion; due to this fixed position, you’re up crap creek without a paddle if this falls into an area where you experience pain. Dumbbell pressing allows you to externally or internally rotate your shoulders or bring thedumbbells lower down or higher up your body to specifically target muscles and press pain free.