Discover The Ultimate 5 Workout That will Get You Pumped

You really want to focus on compound movements that incorporate more than one muscle

You’ll release more anabolic hormones which encourage larger muscle growth.  By incorporating more muscles, you also tear down more so you build more – meaning you get larger quicker.

1. Bench Press 

  • You’ll use your chest, shoulders, abs, and triceps.  This is a great upper body workout.


2. Bent Over Row

  • Your upper back, biceps, shoulders, lower back and abs to stablize yourself.  Again, another great upper body workout.


3. Squats

  • Entire leg, lower back and abs to stabilize yourself.  A great power workout for your lower body.  Your legs make up half the muscle in your body so doing this will release a ton of growth hormone.


4. Dead Lifts

  • Entire leg, hips, lower back and abs to stabilize yourself.  This is a great exercise for the same above mention reasons.


5. Pull Ups

  • Upper back, biceps, abs and lower back to stabilize yourself.  A great upper body workout.  Your lats are large muscles which will encourage a lot of growth hormone release also.
These are great workouts and should be the staples of your workout to stimulate great muscle growth.  Most weight training programs will incorporate these to some degree for the above mentioned reasons.  They will get you started on your journey to gain weigh right away.

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