Dave Draper’s Top 6 Tenets for Bodybuilding Success

Top Tenets For Bodybuilding Success By Dave. D


  1. Weight training and proper eating combined is the most direct way to build muscle and might.

  2. Many people start weight training to achieve fitness goals, only to give up because they don’t reach their expectations quickly, and because the activity is demanding.

  3.  Immature trainers pursuing extraordinary goals are easy prey for marketing hype.

  4. Exercise and eating are basic and simple in form, yet tough in application.

  5. Advancements from pills packed with multisyllable “cutting-edge” ingredients, or advanced methodologies are, at best, novel.

  6. Muscle building is not limited to building physical health alone. Asdiscipline, patience, and perseverance are required to approach the activity, so, too, are these rich qualities developed.


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