the lower ab workout

3 simple exercises for great ripped lower abs 1) Hanging Leg Raise  Initiate each rep slowly to de-emphasize the hip flexors and keep tension on the abs. At the top, crunch your pelvis upward and hold for a second. 2) Land Mine Place one end of a barbell in a corner, with weight on the […]

5 Great Tips On Exercise

  Have exercise misconceptions prevented you from starting an exercise program? Clear up any confusion and let these exercise tips improve your workout routine. Hopefully none of these common exercise myths, mistakes and misconceptions have prevented you from working out. 1. Common Mistake: Failure to set goals. Do you exercise without a clear goal in […]

5 Fun Ways to Get In Shape

The market is saturated with low-fat, low-carb and sugar-free foods. But despite the popular diets, “magical” pills and the latest, greatest fitness machines that all promise to melt away the pounds, more than half of American adults are overweight. The market is saturated with low-fat, low-carb and sugar-free foods. But despite the popular diets, “magical” […]


REASON 1 GET WIDE AND THICK Some lifters like to divide their back training between “widening” and “thickening” sessions, using specific types of exercises to achieve each goal. The One Arm DB Row is a movement that allows each of us to build both width and thickness all at once. Using the traditional palms-facing-inward grip […]

7 Benefits of ‘Dead-lifting’

Deadlifts are a very potential muscle-building exercise, that will rejuvenate your entire physical condition, to a whole new level — if executed astutely. Here are some facts, on how Deadlifts can dramatically improve your physical power, to singularly maximized levels: 1) Deadlifts Will Quadruple your Natural Testosterone & Growth Hormone Levels each time your subject […]

1 Pound Of Fat = 3,500 Calories

There are 3,500 calories in one pound of fat. Thus, if you cut back or work off just 3,500 calories, you will lose an entire pound of fat. While it is possible to cut back on your calorie intake and increase your exercise regimen in order to lose pounds quickly, it is important to note […]