5 tips and tweaks will have your guns growing

  Even if you’re changing exercises consistently, there is still a chance that your program lacks other important elements that are necessary to spur biceps growth. 1) Negative Curls The additional resistance of the negative requires your biceps to recruit more muscle fibers. 2) Back Against The Wall Curls Use momentum too often? Plant your […]


Bodyweight training has many advantages, the first of which is you can do it anywhere. Second, it’s safe. When you train shoulders with free weights, you can progress faster, but you pay a higher price for sloppy form—namely, injury—and then there’s the fact that the shoulder joints are the most unstable and injury-prone in the body. With […]

Attack Your Back With This Exercises

The back isn’t only one of the body’s biggest and strongest bodyparts, it’s also the most complicated in terms of being a series of interconnected muscle groups. For the purposes of this feature we’re dividing the back into its four main regions: 1) the middle back 2) the lower back 3) the upper and outer […]