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  • Muscles Motivation Foam Roller Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Tips

    Muscles Motivation Foam Roller Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Tips

      ✔️ INCREASE MUSCLE POWER IMPROVE FLEXIBILITY BOOST PHYSICAL ENDURANCE   IT BAND The IT band is not a muscle, but it is a common source of pain, particularly for runners. The IT band is a long series of connective tissue that runs from the outside of the hip down to the outside of the knee. […]



    You’re not doing any overhead work, which is best for activating the long head of the triceps—a common weak point and probably what’s holding your arm development back. Mix in some overhead triceps extensions with a cable or band. Also, triceps kickbacks are good for isolation, but probably not the way you’re doing them. Turn […]

  • Animal Style Workout

    Animal Style Workout

    WHAT IS IT? You’ll run through four athletic and explosive exercises for 15 minutes without resting in between. Clapping pushups and broad jumps will build upper- and lower-body power, respectively. Then you’ll work on stabilization and core strength by performing kick-throughs, before finishing off the round with 30 seconds of mountain climbers to jack up […]

  • Summer shreds

    Summer shreds

      Your abs are like any body part—to get results, you need to work them hard. That means dedicating a portion of your workout to moves that focus on all three abdominal regions. “We tend to treat the abs as an afterthought and simply devote a few minutes to doing crunches after our ‘real’ training,” […]

  • 20 Secrets To Dieting Success

    20 Secrets To Dieting Success

      It is a widely recognized and acknowledged fact that the population of most developed Western countries is getting fatter, and we are not talking about a gradual increase here. The number of people who are seriously overweight or clinically obese is exploding all over the Western world. Just as an example, the statistics page […]

  • Beginners: Weight Training For You!

    Beginners: Weight Training For You!

      Are you that skinny kid in class? Do other guys pick on you because you’re smaller? Well, instead of turning into one of the crazy nut jobs who run out and snag the first hand gun they can find; why not check out weight training for beginners? This way you can obtain pumped up […]

  • Arnold Tree Trunk Secrets Legs Exercise

    Arnold Tree Trunk Secrets Legs Exercise

    Long before he governed the Golden State and outmuscled bad guys on the big screen, even before he won a then-record seven Mr. Olympia titles, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a promising young bodybuilder who had one glaring weakness (seriously)—his legs. At 6’2″, Arnold knew firsthand the difficulty tall bodybuilders face in bringing up their bottom halves. […]

  • Arm Exercise!

    Arm Exercise!

    Whether you want to tone and define weak arms so that you can wear something sleeveless with confidence or you want to increase muscle mass, working the muscles in the front and back of the upper arms will help you get there. Most people new to bodybuilding pay a lot of attention to building big […]

  • Neck Training

    Neck Training

    FOUR-WAY NECK TRAINING From a training standpoint, the neck has four major functions: flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation. Let’s look at what each function means and, more importantly, how we can strengthen each.   Neck Flexion Neck flexion is another way of saying “tilting your head forward.” The chief muscles involved are the longus colli, […]

  • 3 Exercises For Advanced Weight-Lifter

    3 Exercises For Advanced Weight-Lifter

    BAND RESISTED BENCH PRESS From Taebo to 8-minute abs, the fitness industry has always been full of flashy trends and extremism. Since the dawn of the millennia, adding resistance bands to barbells and dumbbells has rapidly increased in popularity. So is it just another passing fad? Scores of strength sport champions and elite strength coaches both […]