Can This Red “SuperMan Pills” Help You Build Steroid-Like Muscle?

Men Gained 600% More Muscles, Increased Bench Press Strength 30 LBS In Just 28 Days..

Officials from several professional sports organizations are demanding the ban of cis-9-trans-11 — the muscle-building compound delivered in a translucent red gelcap and marketed as the “Super Man Pill” — for competing athletes.Found naturally in trace amounts in meat and extracts of some plants, cis-9-trans-11 is touted as “a metabolite only one step away from the biosynthesis of testosterone.” Sporting officials have called for its ban because they believe it provides an unfair competitive advantage similar to anabolic steroids.Their call for action came following the publication of several university studies showing dramatic gains in muscle size and strength, paralleling those achieved from anabolic steroids:
  • 600% More Muscle Growth: Compared to placebo, athletes taking cis-9-trans-11 saw an average 600% increase in lean muscle mass in 7 weeks.
  • 30-pound Bench Press Increase: A separate university study showed that after 28 days of supplementation, the cis-9-trans-11 group increased their bench press strength by an average 30 pounds compared to only 9.5 pounds in the placebo group.
  • 9-Fold increase in Biceps Girth: 24 male novice bodybuilders taking cis-9-trans-11 during six weeks of bodybuilding exercises saw an average 9-fold increase in arm circumference vs. placebo.
No other natural compound has been shown in scientific research to facilitate such dramatic increases in lean muscle mass and strength. Not even creatine monohydrate. However, banning cis-9-trans-11 could prove difficult since, like creatine, it’s a naturally occurring metabolite. Previous efforts by professional sports regulators to ban creatine (most recently by the French Rugby Union) have proved unsuccessful. Don’t expect to morph into a pro bodybuilder just by beefing up your meat consumption, though. Scientists say you’d have to consume approximately 30 pounds of beef to get an efficacious dose of cis-9-trans-11. That’s why supplementation is needed to achieve an ergogenic effect.Let us know your thoughts. Does cis-9-trans-11 live up to the hype? You can find the supplement in certain high-end sports nutrition retailers under the brand name C9-T11 2.0, as well as online exclusively at For the next 24 hours only, the supplement’s Official Distributor is offering 25% Off your total order. Click here to find out more about this pills.
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