No one wants to look like a fool while doing exercise! But what if those weird-looking exercises actually did something?

And what if the moves that made others laugh were in fact, some of the best exercises to develop massive strength, solid movement patterns, and ripped abs?

So get weird with some exercies to build serious mass — don’t knock them until you try them. They’ll acutally help you on your fitness journey for that bulletproof body.

Exercise should be fun. It is a great way to feel fit and fresh and make new friends along the way. Running on that treadmill can be repetitive though, and by now you are probably zoned out of Zumba. So we’re all ears to new workout options and technologies that can rejuvenate our routines.

Thankfully, creative trainers all across the world have been hard at work creating the next big thing for you and your friends to throw yourselves into. These weird trends are taking over gyms, parks and post-workout coffee discussions everywhere.



Dance-inspired fitness classes show no sign of fatiguing any time soon, and Bokwa is the latest craze stepping out onto the floor. Bokwa is cardio with a culture, fusing conditioning with customary African dance to create a full body workout that will leave you craving more. The best part is you can be as uncoordinated as you like and still join in, with the steps all spelling out basic numbers, letters and words. So basically if you have read this far into the article, you can Bokwa.


Reality Cycling

Reality cycling takes cyclists on a virtual vacation from inside. The class utilises a large projector or screen display to simulate scenery and environments from all across the world to crash through the cycling constraints of the four walls surrounding exercisers. Whether you are peddling the pavement in New York or assailing the Alps, you will find yourself working up a serious sweat whilst dodging cars without the danger.


TRX Suspension Training

TRX Suspension Training is ready to get you navy-fit anywhere, anytime. All you need are suspension bands and your own body weight to perform a rewarding resistance workout that caters to all levels of fitness and gets you fit for whatever life throws your way. You do not even have to pay for a gym membership as the bands can be put up anywhere from your bedroom to the local park. Bingo!


Street Workouts

Street workouts provide you with the best opportunity to head outdoors for your exercise this winter. This workout emphasises the utilisation of public facilities and your surrounding environment. You could do activities such as pull-ups on the monkey bars, dips on the park bench and jumping over obstacles, parkour style. Plus, it is all for the price of free.


Extreme Obstacle Courses

Whether you want to be a Tough Mudder or a Spartan Racer or both, there is an extreme obstacle race out there waiting for you to conquer it. These gruelling courses stretch up to 20 kilometres and allow you to test all elements of your endurance as you crawl through mud, swing over pools and climb over walls. Then they zap you with live wires, just to make sure your heart is in it. It is all worth it at the end, though, as you are rewarded with that glorious sense of athletic achievement and personal pride.

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