You’re not doing any overhead work, which is best for activating the long head of the triceps—a common weak point and probably what’s holding your arm development back. Mix in some overhead triceps extensions with a cable or band. Also, triceps kickbacks are good for isolation, but probably not the way you’re doing them. Turn […]

Animal Style Workout

WHAT IS IT? You’ll run through four athletic and explosive exercises for 15 minutes without resting in between. Clapping pushups and broad jumps will build upper- and lower-body power, respectively. Then you’ll work on stabilization and core strength by performing kick-throughs, before finishing off the round with 30 seconds of mountain climbers to jack up […]

Summer shreds

  Your abs are like any body part—to get results, you need to work them hard. That means dedicating a portion of your workout to moves that focus on all three abdominal regions. “We tend to treat the abs as an afterthought and simply devote a few minutes to doing crunches after our ‘real’ training,” […]