5 tips and tweaks will have your guns growing


Even if you’re changing exercises consistently, there is still a chance that your program lacks other important elements that are necessary to spur biceps growth.

1) Negative Curls

The additional resistance of the negative requires your biceps to recruit more muscle fibers.

2) Back Against The Wall Curls

Use momentum too often? Plant your back against the wall when you curl. “This will help isolate your biceps, but it’s also important to keep your core fully engaged,” suggests Friedman.

3) Partial Rep Curls

The most common partial-rep biceps movement is 21s.

4) Compound Sets

A compound set works the same muscle group with two different exercises performed consecutively without rest. (Supersets combine two movements that work opposite muscle groups.)

5) Drop Sets

Drop sets are a terrific method to use when you’re pressed for time. Along with injecting intensity into your workout, they also exhaust the muscle quicker than standard sets.