4 Shocking & Interesting Facts About Exercise You Should know

1. Swimming can reduce the mortality rate in males at least by a half.

Those swimmers have about 50% lower risk of mortality than those walkers, runners, and those who do not exercise.




2. Males who exercise regularly are just 1/3 as likely to experience erectile dysfunction as those who do not.

In detail, according to a prestigious study, men who run about 3 hours per week or play tennis at least 5 hours per week tend to have a 30% lower risk of erectile dysfunction than those who exercise little or not at all. So, plan your exercise regime from now.





3. Runners stretching before running can burn 5% fewer calories than those who do not.

In contrast to what many trainers have told people for many decades, pre-run stretching is not useful, according to a recent study, those non-stretchers can run 3.4 % farther than those stretchers. In fact, stretching tends to acutely reduce muscle-force production ability.




4. People exercising just 15 minutes per day have a 14% lower mortality risk than those who do not exercise.

This statistic covers different causes of death. For those with cancer, if they exercise 15 minutes each day, they will be 10% less likely to die of it than not exercising. In fact, every extra 15 minutes of exercising each day will decrease the all-cause mortality risk by up to 4% and the cancer mortality risk by about 1%. Thus, the best thing you can do is to avoid getting obese in the first place. Remember that once you are overweight and you have lost weight, your own body will want to regain that lost weight, so you will continue fighting throughout your life.